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yihaa Pangya

– yihaa.dll DirectX [100%]
– yihaa.dll console [100%]
– with AutoBOT [100%]

[New Injector v5.2]
– yihaaInjector.exe [100%]
– fix “DLL File Not ExistsL

– yihaaDriver.sys [30%] -discontinue for some time

New yihaa V4.91 Pangya GB.R6.6xx.xx (Current running version)

GG rev.1836
– Private Version –
For Sale : xxk(PM me) / patch / ID

email me: rakata_budi[at]

– screen calibration [100%] (no support wide screen yet)
– spin level indicator
– tiles indicator (auto ruler)
– directx9

Always Pangya otomatis
Tidak menggunakan ON – OFF.
yihaa Pangya
yihaa Pangya

Disable Wind
Tidak pakai angin berapapun

Always Item
Booster, spin mastery, caliper

Sudut angin terhadap hole cup, in-game indicator (DirectX)

Penggaris bar untuk hitung kotak

Kotak toma n spin 1-3w, in-game indicator

Level Hack
Level menjadi Master A (client side)

Recovery Bonus
Bonus Recovery (x2)

Force HIO
Bola tersedot ke lubang otomatis
yihaa Pangya
yihaa Pangya
yihaa Pangya
yihaa Pangya
yihaa Pangya

– new site
– auto ready BOT
– Tabel with distance and height calibration
– new features

Please email me before you click BUY!!
Buy Here

yihaa Pangya